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I am Kim

It has taken me nearly 48 years to be able to claim my name. I have travelled a very winding road to get here. Some ill advised paths, some difficult terrain, some almost vertical uphill struggles; and my journey is not yet over. What is over is travelling alone and hidden, avoiding becoming too close to those I meet along the way. 

I am a childhood trauma survivor.

I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor.

I am Kim.

Welcome to my journey of acceptance and recovery.  My hope is that my journey can help you on yours.  I have been through a variety of therapies and will continue to do so. I have also trained in working with other trauma survivors. If you are looking for someone to talk to, to help you on your journey to recovery, then why not book an introductory consultation? 


Not ready to face the next step in your journey yet?

That's fine. Have a read of my blog and I am here when you are ready.


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07930 534 864

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